Sustainable Canteen: Reducing Plastic Impact

Saturday 26 January 2019
Sustainable Canteen: Reducing Plastic Impact
Are you ready for another exciting competition for high-school students!  Enter your school for “Sustainable Canteen: Reducing Plastic Impact” a joint partnership with GIDKP.  Join the effort to eliminate non-biodegradable waste.  Is your school ready to make the switch?
Sustainable Canteen 2019 Terms and Conditions
  • Open for students of SMA/SMK/MA in Jabodetabek.
  • A maximum of 2 (two) teams per school can register.
  • Each team consists of 10 (ten) students and 1 (one) mentor teacher.
Registration system: 
  • Each team must complete a registration form that can be downloaded in http://atamerica.or.id/download (FORMULIR PENDAFTARAN SUSTAINABLE CANTEEN 2019)
  • Each team must include each students’ Instagram username in the registration form and follow @atamaerica and @iddkp on Instagram
  • Each team must include their team Instagram username in the registration form if they choose to make one
  • Each team must submit an explanation on why they are interested in joining Sustainable Canteen 2019 in audio visual form. They can choose one of the following options:
  • A short video about the school canteen (max. 60 seconds); OR
  • Photos of the school canteen along with a 300-word essay describing the conditions.
  • Registration form and audio visual material/essay must be sent via e-mail to daftar@dietkantongplastik.info by latest on 18 February 2019. Please check the audio visual and essay requirements below.
  • Chosen teams will be announced via e-mail and official social media accounts of @iddkp and @atamerica on  22 February 2019.
  • Participants of chosen teams must sign a confirmation letter regarding the collaboration in carrying out Sustainable Canteen 2019.
  • Participants of chosen teams will receive 2 workshops at @america with the theme “Protecting the Ocean through the Canteen”. Participants will also receive “Sustainable Kits” in the form of environmentally-friendly cutleries for their school canteens.
  • Participants of chosen teams must follow “Participating Procedures of Sustainable Canteen 2019” below.
  • Registration and participation is free of charge.
  • @america & GIDKP have the right to cancel or change the program and these terms and conditions without prior notice due to unexpected circumstances.
  • Every change to the program shall be announced to participants through social media and website platforms as soon as possible.
  • Employees of @america, Embassy of the United States - Indonesia, family members of GIDKP, or anyone related to the program shall be taken out of participation from the program.
  • Every submission becomes the ownership of @america and GIDKP.
  • Every decision is final.
  • By registering to this program, you have read and agree to these terms and conditions.
Audio Visual or Essay Requirements:
  • Maximum duration is 60 seconds
  • Video describes the current condition of the school canteen, which contains single-use plastic trash (e.g. plastic cups, plastic food containers, etc.)
  • The school profile can be mentioned shortly in the video (school name and location)
  • Video contains English and Indonesian subtitles (if possible)
  • It is advised to upload the video to the school or participants’ Instagram account, tagging and mentioning @atamaerica and @iddkp, and using the hashtags #sustainablecanteen2019 and #PlasticFreeCanteen no later thanl 18 February 2019
  • Video must be the original work of participants and has never been used in any other activities
  • Make sure that the sound in the video can be heard clearly
Photos + Essay:
  • Submit photos of the current condition of the school canteen (from various angles, max. 10 photos) which shows the prevalence of single-use plastic waste (e.g. plastic cups, plastic food containers, etc.)
  • Submit an essay consisting of 300 words (not including the school profile) explaining the current condition of the school canteen and why the Sustainable Canteen program must be carried out in that school
  • Include a short profile about the school in the essay document
  • Essay is written in Times New Roman, font size 12, single space 
  • It is advised to write the essay in English
  • Information sources must be included in the essay document
Audio Visual/Essay Guidelines:
  • How would you describe the current condition of your school canteen?
  • How much plastic waste is currently in your school canteen?
  • How is the waste from your school canteen currently managed?
  • Why is it important for the Sustainable Canteen program to be carried out in your school?
Participating Procedures of Sustainable Canteen 2019
  • Chosen teams must attend workshops on awareness and the dangers of plastic, which will be held on:
  • Wednesday, 27 February 2019 on 01:30 PM – 03:00 PM with the theme ”Mapping The Plastic Issue”
  • Friday, 22 March 2019 on 01:30 PM – 03:00 PM with the theme “Managing Food Waste”
  • Chosen teams must document (in the form of photos and/or videos) all the activities in this program and upload the documentation on their Instagram accounts (Instagram feed), tagging @atamerica and @iddkp and using the hashtags #sustainablecanteen2019 and #PlasticFreeCanteen
  • Pleaee find the required events for this program below:
  • Participants in both workshops
  • The implementation of tasks assigned from the workshops
  • The acceptance of the “Sustainable Kit”
  • The distribution of the “Sustainable Kit” in the school canteen and the replacement of plastic food and drink utensils with the “Sustainable Kit”