How to create a program?

@america is the U.S. Embassy's American Center located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our mission is to provide a space for young Indonesians to learn more about the United States and to share ideas about issues that are important to both Americans and Indonesians.

In order for us to fulfill this mission, @america has established programming parameters that help us to highlight and increase connections between Indonesia and the United States. We welcome organization and representatives to hold an event in @america! With over 40+ events per month, we are excited to invite everyone to be a part of @america events in order to share more insightful events.

All programs are held in our classroom, exhibition, and performance areas. For a 360-degree tour of @america, click here. Our programs are video recorded and streamed live! That way, your audience can include guests to the @america facility as well as virtual participants who can view your program here.

What do you need to create an event?

  1. It is mandatory to have an American Angle. What is American Angle? American angle means the speakers or presenters have a background or experience in the U.S. or example an alum of college or universities in the U.S. or exchange program to the U.S., ever worked in the U.S. or have certification from an American organization. If you have any questions about this, don’t hesitate to contact us.
  2. Make sure your event falls under one or more of the following @america Goals:
    - Diversity
    - Women Empowerment
    - Health
    - Human Capacity Development
    - STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)
    - Environment/Climate Change
    - Civic Engagement
  3. Prepare your event format:
    - Talk Show
    - Presentation
    - Workshop
    - Movie Screening
    - Music Concert
    - Conference
    - Exhibition
    - Live Podcast, ..and more!
  4. Please submit the proposal to, at least 6 weeks prior to the event's proposed date, so we can review your proposal and suggest a time slot for you.
    Submit your event Proposal consisting of:
    - Brief description of you or your organization
    - Event description and concept
    - Event format
    - Theme
    - Talking Points
    - Target Audience
    - Interactive Session 
    - Proposed Time, with a minimum of 6 weeks after the proposal submission
    - Speakers or Performers’ bio, including American Angle (mandatory)

  5. We love to engage with our audience! So, we are expecting all events in @america to have certain interactive sessions with the audience beyond Q&A sessions. It can be interactive quizzes, polls, dance-along and so many more!

  6. Please note that all of our events are OPEN FOR PUBLIC. @america welcomes everyone from all kinds of background. With that in mind, we are not going to proceed with any proposal that is closed events.

  7. @america is FREE for everyone. We are not going to charge you for joining and creating events in @america. 

  8. We are prohibiting any event in @america to:
    a. Hard-selling on certain commercial brands and/or products
    b. Conduct any monetary transaction or purchase within the space of @america
    c. Charge audience for coming to any event in @america
    d. @america is neutral ground, thus @america will not support any event that endorses any specific political view 


We also welcome fresh and exciting programming ideas from you! Send us your program proposals click here