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Feeling creative?  Check out our 10th anniversary year of activities for opportunities to engage with your friends, showcase your talents, learn about the United States and get a chance to be selected for some exciting giveaways!

10th Anniversary #IHaveADream Activation Activations

10th Anniversary #IHaveADream Activation

"I have a dream" declared Martin Luther King, Jr. in one of the most historically inspirational speeches ever delivered in the United States.

Every new generation seeks inspiration and feels the call to make the world a better place, perhaps now more than ever during this time of the pandemic. Therefore, @america challenges YOU to DREAM like Martin Luther King, Jr.! Be bold, be brave, and tell us what you hope for the future. Twenty-five selectees will have a chance to turn their dreams into a one-minute video with One Minute Academy!

Sunday, 24 January 2021