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Lets Code for Social Change Competition 2019
Lets Code for Social Change Competition 2019
Lets Code for Social Change Competition 2019
Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Do you want to make a positive change in your community? Do you see a problem you want to solve? Do you have an idea for an application that can solve the problem? Use your new superpowers now to build the app, enter the competition, and stand a chance to win Clevio Coder Camp scholarships!

Registration for this event has been closed.


Terms & Condition:

Participation in the Workshop: 

  • This program is open to public, with priority high school students ranging in age from 16 to 18 years, from Jakarta and outside Jakarta.
  • The workshop will consist of 9 class sessions open for all participants, and 4 coaching sessions reserved for those who are in the competition.
  • Attendance: 
    • Participants should be able to participate in the class sessions by either attending in person at @america (for those in Jakarta) or via @america's livestream (for those outside Jakarta). 
    • Online participants should participate in consultation sessions through Clevio’s Facebook Live page.
    • Participants (both offline and online) must fill out the attendance/survey/quiz form at the end of every class session as proof of their attendance. High school participants are expected to attend a total of at least 5 out of the 9 offered classes in order to qualify for the competition.
    • Coaching Sessions: 4 coaching sessions are scheduled in October for participants can consult the coaches questions regarding their projects. Participants are expected to make use of this opportunity as much as possible.
  • Behavioral Expectations. Participants must exhibit a willingness to:  
    • To ask questions, give their best effort and be comfortable making mistakes 
    • To try and find new solutions
    • To collaborate and innovate, as well as valuing other people’s ideas
    • To be positive and supportive of all participants
  • Transportation to the program location, @america, must be arranged individually by each participant.

Project Qualifications for Competition:

  • One of the outputs of the program is that there will be mobile applications (mobile app) developed to solve social problems. 
  • This competition is open only to high school participants.
  • High school participants are highly encouraged to enter the competition in teams that consist of 3 members per team, with at least 1 female member. The female participant must lead the team.
  • Teams are advised to observe problems in the field of inquiry at the beginning of the program and create a solution via a mobile app.
  • Teams must register their mobile app ideas by 5pm Wednesday the 16th of October 2019. A Google form link will be shared to the participant during class session on October 2nd. The application ideas may be subject to change and development accordingly to the learning process and problem research in the field.
  • Projects must articulate the following components:
    • A social problem to be solved;
    • A cause for the problem; and 
    • The way the mobile application will help solve the observed problem.
  • Teams must give a status report to the coaches regarding their work every week.  Coaches will give a progress report check-list to every team with a registered project for submission. 
  • At the end of the Program (last class session), teams will create a short video about their projects and upload the videos to their social media platforms using the following hashtags:
    • #atamerica 
    • #cleviocamp 
    • #digitalheroines 
    • #youngsociopreneur 
    • #digitalheroes
  • Registered projects must not contain elements of SARA (ethnicity, religion, or race).

Winning Qualifications:

  • The project has been registered and the team shows progress to the Coach through a progress report checklist during the Coaching Session.
  • The project (application) created was 100% created through the work of participants during the Program, and the intellectual property is that of the participants (team).
  • The projects for this program are unique to this competition and have not been used in any other competition nor does the project belong to someone not on the participating team.  
  • Projects will be considered eligible to win once participants have attended the required number of class consultation sessions, thus having created a mobile application.
  • Clevio Coder Camp and @america will pick 10 the best projects as finalists. 
  • The 10 finalists will present their projects at @america on the “Project Launching Day” event on 16 November 2019.
    • The finalist team from outside Jakarta can present their work and answer questions directly via Skype. 
    • The work of the finalist team from outside Jakarta will still be displayed at the exhibition booth by one of Clevio's coaches.
  • The winner: 
    • Each member of the winning team will receive a Clevio Scholarship valued at the amount of Rp 3.000.000.
    • The scholarship may be used for taking one of Clevio Coder Camp coding class during school holiday at any location convenient to the participant. 
    • The winner must arrange transportation to and from the class.
  • The judges’ decision is final and may not be contested.