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Women and Leadership: What`s Next?
Women and Leadership: What`s Next?
Women's Empowerment
Women and Leadership: What`s Next?

The World Bank states that women make up 20 percent of mid-level management position at a company, with only 5 percent of women ascending to the position of CEO. Join these powerful speakers as they share their insights related to women and leadership in Indonesia!

Dini Shanti Purwono, Harvard Law School Graduate, Presidential Special Staff
Arimbi Yogasara, Regional Leader Girl Up Indonesia
Indra Dwi Prasetyo, Managing Director ID Next Leader
Chairunissa Ismiridha Fuadillah, Director of General Affairs ID Next Leader



Saturday, 18 January 2020
14:00 - 16:00
@america, Pacific Place Mall 3rd Floor
Jakarta Selatan

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