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Earth Day #PayEarthForward
Earth Day #PayEarthForward
Earth Day #PayEarthForward
Friday, 30 April 2021

April commemorates Earth Day and inspires global action to combat climate change. Join our call to action and show how you can make a difference in keeping our world healthy. And earn a chance to get a Dahon folding bicycle!

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Please register HERE – Once you have registered, you will not receive any confirmation e-mail and you can start executing the activity.
  2. Participants must be living in Indonesia.
  3. CHOOSE ONE of @america's social media:
    • FOLLOW us on Instagram: @atamerica
    • LIKE us on Facebook: @atamerica
    • FOLLOW us on Twitter: @atamerica
    • SUBSCRIBE us on our YouTube: @atamericaa  
  4. CHOOSE ONE of the activities
    • Thrift Outfit of the Day
    • Recreating Plant-based Recipes
    • Are You Taller than Your Waste?
    • Recycle(d) Art
    • Plant Check.
  5. Post your entry on Facebook, Twitter OR Instagram feed (pick only one) and make sure your account is public.
  6. Your entry will have to follow these instructions
    • Thrift Outfit of the Day: The photo you post will have to be a full body photo of yourself, self-portraits are allowed, you will have to describe the thrift component. Use the hashtag #GayaPakaianBekas
    • Recreating Plant-based Recipes: Follow @jakartaveganguide on Instagram. If you choose to submit a photo, your photo has to frame the recreated recipes clearly, you have to clearly state which recipe you recreated. Use the hashtag #JakartaVeganGuide
    • Are You Taller than Your Waste?: Follow @pulauplastik on Instagram. You have to arrange the items horizontally on the floor, you cannot stack multiple items together. Use the hashtag #TolakSekaliPakai
    • Recycle(d) Art: The art you make needs to physically make use of the unused items, for example, you cannot digitally draw a collage of unused items. Use the hashtag #SeniDaurUlang
    • Plant Check: Follow @kabupatenlestari on Instagram. Entries using plastic plants are not allowed. Use the hashtag #KabupatenLestari
  7. When submitting, participants will have to:
    • Put the hashtag: #PayEarthForward, #EarthDay, and your selected activity's hashtag
    • If you submit from Instagram, please submit it by posting it on your feed, then share it on your InstaStories and make a highlight out of it; please name the highlight #PayEarthForward
    • If you submit from Twitter, please give a caption for your entry.
    • If you submit from Facebook, please submit it as a post.
  8. Participants can submit their entries as creatively as possible
  9. Participants have to tag @atamerica
  10. Post the ticket-to-join graphic (download here, password: 123456) on your social media platform and tag 3 friends on the platform you are joining in from; e.g. if you submit your submission on Instagram, it means you have to post the ticket-to-join graphic and tag 3 friends on Instagram. If you submit from Twitter, it means that you have to post the ticket-to-join graphic and tag 3 friends on Twitter.
  11. All entries must not contain hate speech, inappropriate language and/or messages directed against groups.
  12. Employees of @america, the United States Embassy - Indonesia, their family members, or anyone else connected in any way to the activity is excluded from participation.
  13. @america reserves the right to cancel or amend the activity, and these terms and conditions, without advance notice. Any changes to the activity will be shared with entrants as soon as possible.
  14. All submissions are the property of @america.

Giveaway Terms & Conditions:

  1. The giveaway: Five lucky draw recipients of a Dahon by Element Folding Bike
  2. The @america Team will contact the people who have been randomly selected from each activity to receive the giveaway after the deadline (April 30th 2021). If a recipient whose submission has been selected does not respond in ONE business day upon receiving the news, @america reserves the right to select another recipient. 
  3. The giveaway will be sent via postal delivery. The participants who have been selected to receive the giveaway must provide a valid mailing address to receive their giveaways once our team reaches out. If a recipient provides an invalid address and the giveaway bounces back to us, we have the right to pick another recipient.
  4. No cash alternative to the prizes will be offered. The prize is not transferable.
  5. Any technical questions or problems with prize functionality should be addressed to the product’s manufacturer. @america is not responsible for any technical or operational problems.
  6. All decisions are final.
  7. By entering this activity, you agree with these terms and conditions.